60 years

My grandparents have spent their lives loving one another.
Today they are celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary away on a honeymoon trip.

Together they have had 2 children.
10 grandchildren.
And so far have 8 great grandchildren (with many more to come, I am certain!)

They have moved away from their childhood hometowns and built a life together.
They have been around the world, seeing many beautiful places.
They have sailed through many storms, have had many adventures, seen dreams come true and struggled through harder times.

They have held on.

And walked through it all together. Hand in hand, they have traveled through the joy and pain that life can bring. Over and over again they have chosen love. The have chosen one another. What a legacy they have left us!

A couple of month ago I took a little time with them down in the park. They giggled as they remembered back to when they first met. (My grandpa tried to steal her away from her date at a dance. But she was a lady and forced him to wait to call her the next day 😉 They embraced as they remembered their wedding day. Held hands as they told one another what they loved most about the other. (My grandpa made us all laugh SO hard on this one!)
What a treasure it was to listen and learn more about them that day.

Wishing you both the happiest anniversary.
May you be blessed with many more celebrations together.
Thank you for staying together.
For loving one another.


Denise - tears.

happy 60th!

this is my favorite.

what a blessing to have a granddaughter who delights in her grandparents, and in their constant love and choosing of each other… and then blesses them by capturing this celebration with the gift of photography and words!

i want all of this at my 60th (only 44 more years to go :-))!

Rachael - This is so nice Sara! Congrats to your grandparents! 🙂

Amber - Wow Sara! What a privilege to be able to photograph them! Beautiful!

Linda Z - Absolutely beautiful! 🙂

sylviamyoung - Gorgeous couple, gorgeous photos, gorgeous story! Thank you for sharing!

The Nilsen's Journey - I really like this post & what is stands for! Thanks for your words!

Jean - Wow! This is just so wonderful and beautiful!

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