april iphoneography


Heather M. - absolutely LOVE these photos, sara. so awesome.

Prairie Girl - Love Love Love this!

I think my favorite is A and her foam rollers. Those just make me smile!

You’ve inspired me to try this for May. I am usually horrible at anything that has to happen on a daily basis…but I’m going to give it a try 🙂

Just Rhonda - Beautiful!!! All of them!!!

Me - What app did you use to make the collage?I love it

Tracey - Loved looking through these! Are those hot cross buns????

Andrea - Love this collage! So fun to see little snippets of your life. Love the selfie in the center with your furry hood up. 🙂

sara - unfortunately i didn’t use an apt, i just made the collage myself in photoshop… sorry!!
if you are familiar with PS I can send you the PSD if you would like 🙂

sara - er. app that is, not apt.

Me - Yes please!

sara - absolutely! just send me an email and i’ll email it back to you 🙂

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