Baby {Henry}

Remember this lovely lady and her sweet family?
Well, a few weeks ago I was able to go see them again and meet their newest little joy in all his cuteness.
At 15 days old he was a bit older than my typical newborn, since this little guy had to spend some extra time in the hospital. But now he’s home, settled and just as perfect as can be!

Mr. Henry was such a content little man (despite mom and dad’s report that he had been up all night 😉
He was very happy to stay awake and check out what was happening, and it took much time and patience and feeding(S) to get him to fall asleep, but when he did boy was it worth the wait!

Congrats again guys! Your boys are perfect and I know that they are so blessed to grow up in a family that loves them like you do!

I hope this picture makes Daddy happy. One of his friends actually MADE it (crazy-right?) for Henry’s older brother. What fun!

These boys are so lucky to have a daddy who LOVES to play. I can just imagine the fun adventures they will have all together.

I really like this next one because it made me giggle a little. Poor tired daddy  tryin’  to sneak in a little nap after a long night of being up….while this wide eyed cutie pie looks around happy as can be 😉

Ahhh….little toes all curled up…sigh…

Prairie Girl - Such sweet shots, Sara!

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