My style is very simple and relaxed and my goal is to capture you being YOU. I love, love, LOVE to catch those silly grins, shy smiles and yup, even that pouty lip! I am going to ask you to play and tickle and tell stories. I am going to ask you to hug and kiss and whisper sweet nothings….

I want you to look back at your pictures with a giggle and a warm heart. I want you to remember exactly the way your one year old looked as he waddled around, exploring the world. I want you to remember exactly how your three year old threw her head back when she laughed that big ol’ belly laugh. I want you to remember the way they squealed when Daddy tickled them and the way it felt to have their arms wrapped around your neck.
I want you to remember it all. All the little moments that slip away much too quickly.

My goal is to tell your story. We will put our heads together to come up with something that will truly reflect the unique joy that is your family. It may be a summer walk down in the park, or a mountain bike adventure, or a Saturday morning making pancakes in your kitchen. My heart is to be real. To take real and honest photographs of you and your loves.



First of all, don’t stress about it! Just chose clothing that you would normally wear.
A few little tips-
Try to keep things simple.
Think coordinating rather than too “matchy matchy”
Simply wear clothes that reflect your own personal style. Colorful or layered looks are lovely.


Maternity sessions are best if booked 6-8 weeks before your due date when your belly is nice and round, and you are not feeling too uncomfortable.

Newborn sessions are best if booked within your babe’s first week, when they are sooooo sleepy and will let us curl them up into all those cute poses. Please try to book your session a couple months in advance so that I can leave some time open around your due date to be able to fit you in!



Within 48 hours a sneak peek will be posted on my blog or facebook page.
The rest of your images will be available after 2 weeks, when we will get together for you to see your images and place your order.