"Everyday Joy"- Beginner Photography Classes

Last June I offered a beginner Photography Class for Moms. The response was so awesome and quickly both classes sold out. I also learnt that I absolutely adore teaching. When I was little I wanted to become an artist or a teacher when I grew up. How blessed am I to be able to do both?! Thank you all so much from the bottom of my heart for making that possible!

I am so happy to announce that I am offering these classes once again.
There are two different classes.  Here’s a little run down for both classes.

Class One: Technical & Creative

This class is designed especially for Moms who have a fancy camera and have no idea how to use it 🙂  It’s also for you if you love taking pictures and would like some tips on how to better document the joy that is your family. To be able to better capture all those little moments that make up the beauty of your family. The Everyday Joys. The kids jumping in the fall leaves. Family pizza night. His grin with his missing teeth. Her twirling in her tutu. All the little moments you’ll want to remember forever!

In the first half of the class we will cover the basic settings of your camera (all those confusing terms- aperture, ISO, shutter speed) and how to use them all together. We’ll talk about light and how to capture it beautifully. What time of day is best for pictures, how to capture sun-flare, where in your home you should try to shoot from… etc. We’ll cover composition, lenses and a few other technical topics.

The second part of the class will cover how to better capture your own family. Tips on how to get real, authentic pictures of your little loves. Ideas on how to engage your kids (at any age). With four kids myself I know the challenges of getting a decent shot with all of them together, I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve that will really help get those “money” shots.
And most importantly we will go over a few ideas to help change the way you document your family.  This is where you will grow from taking just a snapshot, to really capturing the moment.

You DO NOT need to have a fancy DSLR camera to attend (although it will be helpful for the camera settings part of the course) 😉

The class will be 3 hours long. With some yummy snacks and drinks (of course!)
There will also be time to answer questions and you will also receive reference material to take home 🙂

The class will be held at The Sundance Lake Lodge.

With the beautiful fall colors coming up, what a perfect opportunity for you to learn a few new tips and tricks to enable YOU to use your camera to it’s full potential and document all your family fun!

Class Two: Practical & Fun

In this class we will focus completely on the practical application of all the technical info we covered in the first class. You will be shooting outside the entire time, practicing everything we learnt together. You do not need to attend the first class to be able to register for this one but…. and it’s a BIG but, I highly recommend it. This class will NOT go in depth technically, so if you are not comfortable with your setting please consider registering for class one as well 🙂

Some things we will cover:
* learning how to focus properly
* review of exposure (aperture, shutter speed, ISO)
* review of lighting
* practice getting authentic expressions from kids

The class will be two hours long and held outside in Fish Creek Park.
We will have live models (really cute kids!) to practice on 🙂

This class will be limited to ONLY 5 people
(to ensure that there will be lots of one on one
time for each of you)


Class One: Technical & Creative
Date: Sunday September 30th 2012
Time: 1pm-4pm
Cost: Early bird (before September 15th): $99 (+gst)
Regular (after September 15th): $119 (+gst)
*If you book with a friend you both save $10

**New**  Home Classes!
If you have a bunch of girlfriends you think would be interested in this class consider hosting a home class. Just invite at least 5 of your friends over to your home and I will bring everything we need for the class (including some wine and goodies) and we’ll have a girls night in and learn all together 🙂
Cost – $89 each person (hostess attends for FREE)
Dates are flexible. Just contact me and we’ll work together to pick an evening that will work for you and your friends!

Class Two: Practical & Fun
Date: Sunday Oct 14th
Time: 2pm-4pm
Early Bird (before September 15th): $99
Regular (after September 15th): $119

***If you book both classes (Class One & Two) together pay only – $175***

Here’s what people are saying:

Thanks so much! Super informative. Loved that you had examples of pictures to explain what you were talking about. I enjoyed it all.

I loved the tricks, personal opinion (since you are in a similar position to me – busy mom, wanting to tell your story etc) I value what you have already researched & tried & found to be ideal.  I would much rather take a class in this comfortable setting (girls’ night out), to be able to ask my questions without condescension & to have the instructor be on the same page re: what I really want to accomplish thru my picture taking & helping me to get there in the simplest way…I felt so at home & enjoyed myself in the process. Now it get out and put it all to practice!

I loved both the technical and creative sides of this class! I’m going to try out a lot of the creative ideas we talked about!

Please call or email today to reserve your spot 🙂

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