Everyday Joy Project- Dec "Tradition"

After a super busy fall season I found myself yearning to slow down. To better carve out time to take pictures of my own little crew. To remember why I got into photography in the first place. It was for my story. My little family’s story. And yet, the reality has become that I rarely pick up my big camera anymore at home. The iphone is just way too handy dandy.

And so this year I have decided to start a little project.
The “Everyday Joy Project”

A couple of months ago I invited each of the ladies who took one of my beginner photography classes this year to join me in a monthly project. I figured if I was the one who organized and started the project then I couldn’t back out halfway through the year! (ha!)
I also thought it would be an awesome way to practice together. Plus, once a month is totally doable!

Want to join in the fun?
I have decided to open this project up to everyone! The more the merrier!

Each month I post a new theme in a closed facebook group. These themes will hopefully encourage us to “think outside the box” and get a bit more creative with our picture taking! The plan is for each of us to post our photos in the facebook group and then I will highlight some of them on here each month.
The goal is to create community.
To encourage one another.
To grow together.
Whether you are brand new to photography, or have been doing it for years, all are welcome!

If you are interested in playing along, please click here and request to join our group 🙂

Here are a few of our everyday joys from last month…

The last three years we have escaped the cold for warmer temperatures during the Christmas season. I have started searching for next year….is that too soon 🙂

A new tradition for our family this year – a wooden advent wreath. Every evening one child would move the candle to mark the day and Mary on her donkey would be moved one step closer on her journey to Bethlehem.

Tradition. It is hard to pick pictures at this time of year. I have keen boys in the kitchen and baking is always fun ( and messy) with them.

Snow globes are always a big part of our Christmas tradition!

New Tradition, New Years Eve outing. This year we went to Elbow Falls, it was gorgeous and fantastic. This is walking along the river.

Every year Grampa (my dad) reads the Christmas story on Christmas Eve & the kids dress up & act out the narration. 

 Every night in December our kids take turns unwrapping one Christmas book that we would read together by the tree before bed. We started this tradition last year and absolutely love it!

Amber - I sent an request! I haven’t blogged for a year…I am not a good blogger. 🙂 But I love photography and i love my family, and i want to be a part of this! 🙂

sara - Awesome!

Heather M. - this is so awesome, sara! so great of you to start this and i adore that photo of you and your crew. 🙂

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