February iphoneography

Last month I did a little project on Instagram. Everyday I took a photo of something I loved. I wanted to be intentional and really take the time to slow down and “notice” the many lovely things in my life! I also opened up this project and invited those on Instagram to  join me in taking a photo a day of something they loved too. We used the hashtag #28lovefilleddays.

It was so much fun to follow along with others as we took the time out to share the love in our lives. When the month was over a couple of the ladies asked if we could continue the project. And I thought it was a great idea! I love that it brings us together, and I so enjoyed seeing everyone’s photos last month, so we’ve started a new one (because my OCD won’t allow me to continue with #28lovefilleddays because there are more than 28 days in March!) We’re using the hashtag #joyintheeveryday

If you are on instagram and want to join in please do!  This will be an ongoing project that we can continue to do together the rest of the year.

My username on Instagram is sdhaynes. Come find me on there!

Here are my 28 Love Filled Days.


1. Her love of reading.
2. Sunset driving home from a day in the mountains.
3. Morning treat.
4. A twirling princess.
5. Thankful for these little bodies who need me. Thankful for a husband who loves me. Thankful for a place to call home. Thankful to have the privilege to serve my family in this small way of washing, drying, folding.
6. Her new glasses
7. He’s ours. For reals {SQUEAL}
8. Kindergarten family night.
9. These three are turning my world upside down.
10. These two. They have something special together.
11. Smitten.
12. Healthy snacks.
13. My baby. She’s two. SOB.
14. His favorite spot.
15. His first family portrait.
16. We’re both exhausted
17. Teeny tiny sleeper.
18. “You are a sweetheart” She loves her daddy.
19. Trying to eat healthy is hard. I feel like I can’t put anything in the cart!
20. A very hard day. At the arcade to feel better.
21. It’s been a day. Choosing joy.
22. We could totally do five!! (wish!)
23. Sleeping beauty.
24. First attempt at wheat free baking.
25. Random raisins in the sun. (I’m going to miss this)
26. While cleaning out the closet I found old love letters Chris and I wrote each other.
27. Date night!
28. Lunch with my little crew. Trying new things!

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