Intermediate Photography Classes

In this intermediate class we will focus completely on the practical application of all the technical info we covered in the beginner class. You will be shooting outside the entire time, practicing everything we learnt together. You do not need to attend the first class to be able to register for this one but you will need to know how to shoot on manual. This class will NOT go in depth technically, so if you are not comfortable with your setting please consider registering for the beginner class before taking this one.

Some things we will cover:
* learning how to focus properly
* review of exposure (aperture, shutter speed, ISO)
* review of lighting
* practice getting authentic expressions from kids
* challenging exercises to get you thinking creatively

The class will be two and a half hours long and held outside in Fish Creek Park (Calgary, AB)
We will have live models (really cute kids!) to practice on!

Each class will be limited to ONLY 5 people
(to ensure that there will be LOTS of one on one support for each of you)

Cost: $200 per person

*NEXT CLASS: Fall 2018, please inquire to be put on waitlist.


Jill Botelho - Hi Sara,

Can you confirm that I indeed did register for the May 5th class. This is my preference and I fear I pushed the wrong pay pal button.

admin - Yes Jill! You picked the right button 🙂 Be on the lookout for an email from me soon!

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