Joyful Anticipation {Calgary Maternity Photography}

In just a few short weeks (or maybe even days! wink!) my little sister and her awesome husband are going to be brand new parents.
They will soon be a Mommy and Daddy!
And I just KNOW they are going to be amazing.
How do I know this?
Because I’ve seen it.
They are the most wonderful Auntie and Uncle.
They spoil our four to no end.
Taking them to movies
and hockey games
and sleepovers.
Rocking them to sleep
reading them stories.
Inviting them for walks
and adventures at the park.
Engaging in tickle wars
art projects
and silly songs
Bringing them surprise gifts
toys, books
and trendy new clothes.
Sneaking them extra dessert
when they think we’re not looking.
Giving them slurpees
and pop.
They know just how to love little people.
They are fun
full of energy
and oh so cool.
They will be the best parents ever.
And I can’t wait to return the favor as this little one’s auntie.
(especially all the sugar I’ll get to sneak. Because payback is a comin’!)
Love you both so much!
Congrats! Can’t wait to meet my new little nephew or niece!!!

Michelle - These are totally fantastic! Beautiful light, beautiful couple, beautiful images. 🙂

Heather M. - these photos are just gorgeous, sara! and your comment about the sugar made me laugh so hard! 😉

Anonymous - Sar, incredible pictures! Congrats to them!

SnoWhite - Your photos are stunning… love the one with the clothes line!

Anonymous - These are absolutely beautiful Tammy and Adam. I am so looking forward to the arrival of little Onysyk. You are beautiful looking parents!


Just Rhonda - So beautiful!!! Love all of them and the place you took them!
And Man she is beautiful!