Linked 52 {Anger}

I am notoriously late.
For everything.
I blame the kids, because getting them out the door is quite the undertaking, but really, I could just be better prepared.
It drives my husband k-razy!

One thing I don’t like to be late for is work.
And I actually pride myself on being just a tad bit early.
(it’s the little things people!)

Well, Tuesday night I had a session.
And I was running late.
Before heading out the door I had to stop and look up directions to where I was going.
Downtown and I don’t really get along.
I am always wanting to turn the wrong way on a one way street and inevitably end up having to take a loop around to get to my destination.
Annnnyways,  after punching in the address to my trusted iphone (that blue dot always gets me to my destination! oh how I rely on it!) I kissed my babies.
Hopped in the van.
And began to back out of our garage.

Uh oh…I know that sound….

Sure enough the back tire was COMPLETLY FLAT.
Like there was no pumping it up kinda flat.

I knew my sweet client was already on her way- if not almost there….

Thankfully my dad was over watching my kiddos and offered up his car for me to use.
Anyways, I’m so glad that I made it because this is who was waiting for me:

The most beautiful ladies.
Who share a most beautiful story.
(can’t wait to share with you soon!)
They are the winners of my mother’s day contest.

And friends, can I just tell you, this session was a dream.
If you are a photographer, you know what I’m talking about.
You know those “magical sessions”
From beginning to end it felt like the heavens just opened up and all I had to do was hit the shutter.
The light was perfect.

This mama’s love for her baby was so humbling.
So real. Genuine. Natural.
Plus, tell me you don’t just want to kiss those little cheeks!
There are sooooo many that just make me smile, I am having a terrible time narrowing them down!

And here’s where I keep it real…. I was so angry (!) that in my flustered state I didn’t take a picture of my flat tire- it would have been the perfect fit for this week’s theme. I only thought of it the next morning, and my dad being the awesome dad he is had already changed the tire and put on the spare for me before he went home.
But then I remembered that I had a picture from when I got a flat tire in the fall (same tire! ugh!) so I’m cheating a bit and pulling this one from my iphone achives! 🙂

*This year I am participating in a year long Photography Challenge. Each week we will link up and share our interpretation of a different theme. Please check out the other lovely ladies playing along 🙂

Michelle - The irony of being so angry you forgot to take a picture totally cracks me up. 😉

Sorry you had a flat. ugh.

Tracey - Boo for the flat tire! Yay for the sweet light and fun photo session! Beautiful photos!

Just Rhonda - Love those beautiful shots of that momma! And I have to agree with Michelle about the irony 🙂

Heather M. - man, that would have made me so upset too. ugh. thank goodness your Dad was able to let you use his car because those photos are so amazing! so glad you had such a great session. you deserved it after the flat tire incident.

Jenn - I love that even though you had such an angry situation, it was an awesome end to it. You took some beautiful photographs and I can’t wait to hear more about the session.

Andrea - Oh that would set me off as well! But what a beautiful ending to your flat-tire evening. Yummy light. That looks all sorts of magical! 🙂

Naomi - Oh! I would have been freaking out! :). Glad it all worked out though. Beautiful photos!

Jean - omg! i think i would have been angry too! grrr.

your dad is so sweet and i’m glad you had a happy ending 🙂

Heidi - I’m so glad your anger turned out okay in the end! And the lighting is beautiful in those shots! My anger shot this week is a phone one too.

stacey - Can’t wait to see more from this session, beautiful!! Love how you turned the anger from the flat to joy from a lovely session. 🙂

ZeldaMom - I’m glad you were able to compose yourself to be able to take these gorgeous pictures. That last one…sigh!
I get the feeling you are also a close acquaintance of Murphy (Murphy’s Law)!?

tracy - i’ve had so many of those flat-tire-running-late kind of days! what a beautiful way to end that day. great way to refocus. the images are amazing. magical light is so yummy!

Amanda Kelley - Funny how kids make us all late for everything! Hopefully that flat was all, sometimes back luck runs in 3s, but it seems like you made up for that anger is those incredible mother/daughter photos, simply beautiful!

Liza - Who can stay angry with a dream session like that. How lucky that you had both your dad their to the rescue and model clients. Love this.

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