Linked 52 {Lighting Experimentation}

We were sitting at the dinner table, just the kids and I.
Daddy was off playing baseball,
In his absence our son was happily sitting in his seat.
As we were talking he looked out the window distracted by the sun that was shining through blinding his eyes.
And when I looked at him I saw light.
In a new way.
It specked over him and where I usually get frustrated with uneven light I sat there mesmerized by the way it hit his face.
By the way the light found it’s way in pushing between the slats….

And so started a quest for me to search out the rest of the light that was desperate to find it’s way into our home in that early evening hour.
And found it I did.
Light and shadows.
A new appreciation for the way they are so beautifully blended.
Lightness and darkness.

These images were taken quickly around my house between dinner and bedtime. They are slightly edited but for the most part they are pretty true to the straight out of camera shots, and I think that’s what I might love the most about them.

 *This year I am participating in a year long Photography Challenge. Each week we will link up and share our interpretation of a different theme. Please check out the other lovely ladies playing along 🙂

stacey - I adore these, Sara! Love each one, especially love that last self portrait! So lovely.

Michelle - AHHH!! I love these, especially the selfie! Fantastic interpretation of the theme!

Heidi - what a great interpretation! I love all of them. I love how almost everyone challenged themselves with low light this week (except me.)

Heather M. - oh sara, these photos are just amazing! and for some reason that self portrait made me tear up – it’s just gorgeous! so glad you jumped back in with these shots!

Tracey - Before I did my flashlight experiment I did the same thing…followed the light around my house. 🙂 Amazing to me how we can be in different parts of the country and yet the light still plays and rests in a way that causes us to stop in our tracks. I love your photos, how you framed them. And I love the last one especially. 🙂

Mindy - woohoo and one of you!! We are very rarely in front of the lens. Very nice.

ZeldaMom - Gorgeous!!! I’m getting great ideas to try.
That light is just amazing.

Andrea - Beautiful. I love the light in the sheer drapes and of course I love seeing you in the picture! I’m so much more aware of the light streaming in through the blinds around the house lately. Now that we finally have some sunshine streaming in… 😉

Naomi - Gorgeous! Love your self portrait!

Jenn - Love all the beautiful patterns of light – and of course the selfie!

Jean - Love these! I love finding new light.

Amanda Kelley - This post couldn’t be anymore perfect! WOW, I was blown away by it…you totally nailed it. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the last shot—so creative!

Just Rhonda - um COOL!!!!!!!!

Amanda - Love the shadow puppets – nothing says childhood like that old game. 🙂 And I love the white curtains – just gorgeous.

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