Linked 52 {Mother}

Being their mama is my greatest achievement.
My biggest joy.
It has brought me so much love, happiness and fulfillment and yet
it has also challenged me to the very depth of my being.
And has changed me in a way that nothing else could.
Being a mama has taught me to love deeper.
Forgive quicker {especially myself!}
To be thankful.
And seek joy in the everyday.
It’s taught me to embrace the storms….
and cling to the One who settles my heart through it all.
In fact it is in the moments of complete failure as a parent that my heart is transformed.
Where I am grown.
And made new.
I am so thankful to be their mama.
I just love ’em to pieces!
Today, we took 5 mins and went outside on our deck.
I set the timer on my camera and we took just a few pictures.
And though these are far from perfect,
{hello patio table in the background}
I love them.
Because it’s us.
Me and my babies.
Real life.
Ripped jeans and all.

*This year I am participating in a year long Photography Challenge. Each week we will link up and share our interpretation of a different theme. Please check out the other lovely ladies playing along 🙂

The Nilsen's Journey - Amazing! Seriously, amazing!

sylviamyoung - I love that you are in these pictures. I think they are perfect because they show you and your little ones, and that is perfect!!!

Michelle - “In fact it is in the moments of completely failure as a parent that my heart is transformed.” That sentence is so true. I can think of so many times my failures have made me better. Or at least made me really sit and contemplate. I love everything you wrote.

And I totally love your pictures… they are perfect, even with the patio table. 😉

ZeldaMom - I think they’re great. They show your love.

Jenn - Who cares about the patio table, it’s completely perfect.
Ripped jeans are the bane of my existence. I don’t know how little boys are capable of putting holes in the knees of jeans so soon after putting them on. Especially when said boy is tall and skinny and only fits Gap jeans. 🙂

Just Rhonda - SO cute!!!! Love that it just captures you RIGHT now. It’ll be even more of a treasure as the years pass!

Andrea - In fact it is in the moments of complete failure as a parent that my heart is transformed. – Amen! Isn’t that the truth. I’ve learned so much through my failures.
Love the photos of you and your kiddos. Beautiful family. Beautiful momma.

Heather M. - sara, this is beautiful. i think the photos are perfect. and your words totally resonated with me. i love these words too: “In fact it is in the moments of complete failure as a parent that my heart is transformed. Where I am grown. And made new.” i’ve never stopped to think about that but it’s so true. and thank you for speaking those words to give myself permission to be okay with the failures and to learn and grow from them instead of just beating myself up about them. i really needed to hear those words. thank you.

stacey - Loved loved LOVED this post and your words, Sara. “Forgive quicker, especially myself”. Yes.

Love these photos and you and your sweeties. You are so lovely, Sara. I wish I could fly on up and have coffee with you and Heather.

Tracey - Sara…I LOVE these photos. They are perfect–patio table and all! And I especially love your words. SO true!

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