Linked 52 {Spirit}

Me: Girls, I’m going to let you do something that normally I tell you you aren’t allowed to do.
Girls: Surprised they turned to me. Excitement in their eyes.
Me: How would you like to go jump on your little sister’s bed?
(something I catch them doing almost daily)
Girls: Wide eyes, big smiles and a loud and resounding “YAY!!!!”
All too often I catch myself taming their little spirits.
But today, today I just let them be.
Be crazy.
Be joyful.
Be silly.
Be sweet.
Be laughter.
Be real.
And it was fun.

*This year I am participating in a year long Photography Challenge. Each week we will link up and share our interpretation of a different theme. Please check out the other lovely ladies playing along 🙂

Jenn - The bum drop one is priceless! Love that you let them do this. Perfect spirit.

Andrea - Perfect interpretation! Kids are so full of spirit! And you can’t hold it back. I’m learning that I have to just go with the flow more, and let Max be five (even if it is REALLY noisy and REALLY messy.) I love the pink canvas in the background with the flower hand prints. So cute!

Michelle - I love how you phrased that: taming their spirits. Isn’t that what we moms do so often. Tame them. I adore that you let their spirits loose to play and squeal. These images are so precious. Great interpretation. 🙂

Have fun with Heather today and give her a big hug for me!! 🙂

Heidi - Great shots! I agree with Michelle – your phrase taming their spirits resonated with me. I am very guilty of that. Thanks for the reminder that I should let my kids be free spirits a little more often.

Tracey - This rocks! Love that you said you didn’t want to tame their spirits. I’m guilty of that sometimes. You definitely captured their spirits!

The Nilsen's Journey - S’s face is an unbelievable – “I cannot believe we are allowed to do this…it’s so fun!” Great shots & fun Sar!!

Jean - new to linked 52!

i love this! whenever i watch my nieces & nephews, i always let them jump on the bed. it’s bad b/c i even tell them to jump on my parents’ bed and any one elses. Whooops. i love the spirit children have. it’s a constant reminder to me to always have fun no matter what. . . you can always turn into “adult mode” when need be 🙂

great shots!

Mindy - Did you make that painting behind them? I LOVE the hands!!!

stacey - Oh my, Sara, you can totally just FEEL the joy from them! YOU are a great mom. 🙂

Heather M. - sara, these photos are so amazing. i love how you interpreted this theme. and i love that i got to meet those 2 beautiful girls today. what a wonderful thing you let them do. so awesome.

ZeldaMom - Hahahaha, they’ll be talking about this day for years.
Pretty photos.

liza - I love this line “All too often I catch myself taming their little spirits.” That is so true. We do this too many times. I bet all of you had so much fun!!

Simply Sara - yup- got the idea off pinterest! super easy, just canvas, paint and little hands 🙂

Amanda Kelley - Oh so much fun! This post made me smile. 🙂 Our son is two and his favorite thing to do in the morning in jump on his bed and sing, “No more monkeys jumping on the bed.”

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