Linked 52 {Spring}

Spring means new life.
Warm evening walks.
And soft golden light.
It means fresh breezes blowing through the house.
And the ease of wearing spring jackets and running shoes after months of snowsuits and winter boots.

Spring also means that this mama can send them outside after school to play…. 🙂
And play they do.
Everyday after school he races through his snack and chores to escape outside for a few hours to do this:

Yay for no snow on the driveway.
Yay for his passion for this sport.
Yay for un-interrupted time to make dinner.
Yay for the boy down the street who comes over to play with him.
Yay for my cool guy who enjoyed showing off his moves for me while I took these.

We hearty heart heart spring around here!

P.S Spring was short lived…it snowed again here yesterday 🙂

 *This year I am participating in a year long Photography Challenge. Each week we will link up and share our interpretation of a different theme. Please check out the other lovely ladies playing along 🙂

Michelle - Yay for sending the kids outside after school!!! Spring is my FAVORITE season. Such energy and excitement.

rhonda - I love Spring too! Love having the kids spend lots of time outside playing!!! (Snowed again for us too!)

Tracey - My kids would get along with your boy! My husband too. At our old house we had the entire neighborhood of kids out on our street playing street hockey. I love that he showed off for you too. He must have felt like a super star. 🙂
Have a good weekend!

Andrea - Your PS made me chuckle… Sending kids outside to play is the best! I wish I could get my guy to get out there more. He’s an indoor kid just as I was. Hope your snow is short-lived. 🙂

LIza - YAY for OUTSIDE play!!!!

Heidi - I laughed when I read your P.S. My kids have been playing outside for weeks, but that will all soon come to an end when it becomes unbearably hot. Enjoy!

JennD - Love all of these. And thanks goodness for outside play.
We are a hockey-crazy house here too. My oldest’s birthday is in a couple weeks and we’re having 14 kids here for a hockey party.

stacey - Yay for such fun photos and yay for all of your yay’s!! Yay spring! Yay!! 🙂

Heather M. - this is such an awesome set of photos, sara! so cool. he’s so handsome too. 🙂 yay for time outside and let’s just hope the snow goes away soon and we can enjoy some warmer temps again soon.

Kristin - nothing like a little street hockey to get the spring juices flowing, sorry it was short lived. hope the snow is gone again soon!

ZeldaMom - Yay for playing outside, and even yay for crazy weather…it gives us something to talk about.

Jean - it has been gorgeous out! and it really wouldn’t surprise me if we still get an inch of snow! though, i would not like and really would not care so much. an inch isn’t so bad. you can still send him out to play 🙂

Naomi - Yay for spring!! It is so nice to send my son out to play after being cooped up for so long. Great shots!!

The Nilsen's Journey - This is awesome Sara! Wow! And I’d love to pick your brain about his chores!

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