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The other day I was sitting at the kitchen table getting some work done. The girls were playing in the the basement and our son was outside playing hockey. I could hear our sweet baby Ellie playing happily around the main floor. She’s in the “loves to explore” stage. And unlike my other kids she is happy to just play around with her toys and generally stays out of trouble 🙂

After a few minutes I noticed that I didn’t hear her anymore. I called her name (to which she normally comes a running.) I checked all around the kitchen and then into the laundry room where she sometimes likes to hide. But after a quick search of the main floor. Nothing.

Then I started to get worried. I called down to the girls and asked if they brought her down. Miss Abby loves to sneak her downstairs, because she’s FIVE now which pretty much makes her a mommy. But the girls said they didn’t have her. I called outside to see if maybe Evan had taken her outside. (Why, I don’t know) but nope, he said she wasn’t there…..

At this point I enlisted the girls to run around and find her. I was starting to panic a bit. Did she get hurt somewhere? Where oh where could she be?
Then Abby squeals from upstairs is her high pitched little voice (you know the one you use when you are talking to a baby) “There you are silly Ellie!”

I quickly went up the stairs and peaked into my room and saw this little monkey:

Apparently she can climb the stairs now.

Watch out world. Our baby is up, up and away….

And yes, the baby gates are back up 😉

Whyyyyyyyyyyy does my last little one have to grow sooooooo fast?!


*This year I am participating in a year long Photography Challenge. Each week we will link up and share our interpretation of a different theme. Please check out the other lovely ladies playing along 🙂

Jenn - She looks so stinkin’ proud of herself! And she has got the sweetest little curls ever.

We just took down our baby gates again and it made me so sad that, as ugly as they are, that might be the last time they’re up in our house.

Michelle - Aw! I love your interpretation of this theme. She’s so adorable! And I agree with Jenn, she looks VERY proud!

Heather M. - oh sara, these photos are just GORGEOUS. she is so beautiful and i agree, she looks very impressed with herself. so glad it was nothing serious and she was just exploring. i hate that feeling of panic.

Just Rhonda - What a DOLL she is!!!!! Panic about our kids is the WORST!!! Love all these in B&W!

ZeldaMom - Way to go Ellie!
Beautiful photos, I love the black and white.
One of my kids falling down the stairs was always a huge fear of mine, even with the gate up.
She’s a doll.

Mindy - She must have been thrilled when you left the gate open for her. She is a beauty!!

Tracey - This post made me smile from ear to ear! She is one adorable cutie! I love her! Felt your panic a bit there, but I love seeing them explore and learn what they can do and I can only imagine what her little head and heart were saying when she saw that she was alone…at the base of the empty stairs….with no one to tell her she couldn’t go up! Awesome!

sylviamyoung - What a great set of pictures to have. She is getting so big and really more adorable by the day! WoW she is growing really fast!

Heidi - It’s so nerve racking when they discover stairs for the first time and next thing you know they are at the top!

Love the black and whites – what a cutie!

stacey - Oh my goodness, Sara. She is sooooo cute. I remember those days of baby gates and fears of falls! Now my baby is four. Crying along with you.

Jean - So cute! So sneaky!

Naomi - Trouble! 🙂 she looks so happy and cute too :). My little max literally just started scooting around the house yesterday so we are in trouble. He wants to climb up on everything!! Why do they have to grow so fast?!

Andrea - She looks mighty proud of her little jaunt up the stairs. 😉 Stairs scared me to death for the longest time with Max. Thank goodness for baby gates! What a cutie pie you’ve got there. 🙂

Kristin - Oh goodness, I remember that stage! What a doll, and she seems so proud of herself! They do grow up way to fast don’t they!

The Nilsen's Journey - oh, she’s soooooooooooooooooooo cute!

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