Linked 52 {Vegetables}

{taken with my iphone} We went on an adventure today.

A veggie adventure.
While at the grocery store I let the kids choose all kinds of different vegetables.
They picked some of their favorites- bell peppers, carrots, mushrooms but they also ventured into the land of the unknown…
the land of turnips, radishes and leeks (eek!)
See, I am a creature of habit and tend to stick to the veggie I know we all love and don’t really stray much from that path.
It was kinda fun to open up my little veggie world too.
 So….why did I let them run wild in the produce aisle?
Well, because we needed supplies….
We needed
 ( I betcha you’re singing head and shoulders now! heehee)
We also needed some fun
and don’t forget the
All to make these super cute veggie faces!
In full disclosure my 8 year old was not interested at all in playing along with my little game.
He quickly made his face in under 5 mins (to humor his mama) and went on to do something more “fun” like play hockey outside.
It also made a big fat mess in the kitchen….
BUT my girly girls had a blast.
And we all made a memory.
the best part was all the “sampling” that took place while we made ’em.
Any way to get those veggies in, right?!
*This year I am participating in a year long Photography Challenge. Each week we will link up and share our interpretation of a different theme. Please check out the other lovely ladies playing along 🙂

Jenn - Whatever works! I love the smiles on your kids faces. Don’t you feel like the best mom ever when that happens. And really, you should get an extra gold star because you made those smiles and created that memory over vegetables! Love your photographs.

Michelle - We use leeks and peppers ALL the time. They are our “regulars.” I, like you, tend to stick with a few and don’t experiment as much as I’d like. I love your grocery store shots. So colorful!

stacey - I always stick to a very select few because my kids are picky! But maybe if I tried a few more, with their help, they would give them a try?? Love these photos, Sara. So fun! How many of the veggies did they eat?? I’m curious!

Just Rhonda - okay what a fun idea!!!! 🙂 My 3 year old would have lasted about 10 seconds with this project (not even long enough for mom to snap a picture).

Kristin - what a fun mom you are! I wish my kids would do some sampling…i am mean and make them eat their veggies so there is only the eating what they are required at my house…maybe this would be a fun way to introduce new ones!!

Naomi - Awesome photos. Love this idea!Maybe my son would branch out if I tried this? I love how food can bring people together. What a great mommy you are 🙂

Tracey - YOU are the BEST mom ever! What a totally awesome idea you had for this link up!
I love leeks–just use the white parts like an onion. Saute them and put them into soups or with diced sweet potatoes. YUM!

Dawson Cattle Company - totally awesome! and what fun. loving messiness is so great.

Jessica - LOVE it! Such a great idea to photograph veggies in the store, and to create such fun for your children. What a fabulous post!

Jean - this is a great idea to have kids try new food, getting them involved. love their creativity and seeing what they used for what part of the face 😉

so glad i have joined linked 52. don’t forget to add me if you haven’t yet ;D

and have a great wkend.

Andrea - Oh what a great idea! I love this. How did you ever come up with this idea?! Did they eat most of what they created? We tend to stick to a select few veggies over here – tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, celery…that’s about it. Though I pretty much love all veggies.
Happy weekend!

Heather M. - sara! these are SO awesome. i love every single photo and i love that you turned this into a fun adventure. you rock. i totally want to do this with my kids now. so cool.

ZeldaMom - How fun, you are a very creative Mom!
Great photos too.

Heidi - I thought about shooting pictures of vegetables in the store – but I wasn’t brave enough and afraid of the stares I would get. These are beautiful! And veggie faces is such a cute idea – I’ll have to remember that one.

tracy - how creative! i love that second photo with all the veggies on the counter. the mix of colors is great. and the veggie faces are so cute. i’ll bet my 4.5 year old would rather be outside playing hockey too. 🙂

The Nilsen's Journey - Ahh Sar, you truly inspire me!

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