Linked 52- Week Four

He picks her up tenderly and carries her from our bed to hers.
She snuggles against him.
Her hair wild with sleep.
Her eyes closed gently.
Her breathing soft.
This week’s theme was “Tired”
I had a super hard time with it.
My hubby is the one who suggested I capture our 3 year old in this way.
I’m glad I married him.
Sometimes he’s so smart 🙂

*This year I am participating in a year long Photography Challenge. Each week we will link up and share our interpretation of a different theme. Please check out the other lovely ladies playing along 🙂
Jenn , Michelle, Heather, Tracey , Stacey, Andrea, Jessica, Kristin , Amanda , Amanda , Janet, Leslie, Naomi, Rose, Carla, Lena, Rhonda, Tracy, Veronica, Heidi

Stacey - Oh this is just the sweetest. Sigh.

My hubby still carries our 6-year-old up to bed whenever she asks. I nearly tear up every time I watch him do it because of what he told me one night. He said he would do it however long she asked (even though she’s not exactly LIGHT anymore and she’s perfectly capable of walking upstairs herself) because he doesn’t know when that “last time” will be and he doesn’t want to miss it. We have some great husbands, ‘huh?

Jenn - I love how her face is all smushed into your hubby’s shoulder and how she has that beautiful little girl bedhead. Beautiful.

Amanda Kelley - This shot couldn’t be any more perfect. I loved the messed up hair… icing on the cake. Love the natural every day photos, they are the real ones that make the memories. This one is a keeper.

ZeldaMom - Love it, the limp arm, smooshed face, and he’s loving every minute of it. So sweet.

Naomi - Love, love, love. Completely precious.

Heather M. - this made me all teary-eyed. it’s so precious. so glad your hubby suggested it. it’s perfect.

Just Rhonda - oh my i loooooove it!!!! Such a good thing to capture!!!

Heidi - What a sweet picture. I love bed head on my kids. Great suggestion from your husband!

Andrea - Love this! Perfect capture for this prompt. Very sweet.

Tracey - I am glad you married your hubby too! What a smart guy. 🙂 This is the best photo! We’ve all carried our little sleepy beans slung over our shoulders. This photo makes me long for those days. 🙂

Carla - He is a pretty smart guy because the idea was perfect. So cute. I love to snuggle up with my little ones.

I'm Veronica - If you had a hard time it really didn’t show, this is a wonderful shot!

Heather - Your husband sure is smart, a treasure indeed.
I love how kids can just sleep anywhere and never seem to be bothered by someone moving them or carrying them to bed.

tracy - so sweet! i love that you captured this moment to keep for always…

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