Linked 52- Week one

I am so excited to join up with a fun year long project called Linked 52. A photo a week for a year. Inspiration for documenting our little life.
A couple of years ago I tried doing the photo a day project and failed miserably. Most days I ended up running through the house at 10pm looking for something photo worthy.  Ha!
In the business of raising these four little munchkins a photo a week (I think….I hope!) I can handle.
My lovely friend Stacey is participating too, and where I first heard of it. Her photography is amazing! So, every friday we will post our image and link to one another to see how everyone interpreted the theme. Fun, right? If you want to join, this weeks theme is “cold”.
Here are the other ladies who are participating: Jenn , Michelle,  Heather , Tracey , Stacey, Andrea, Jessica, Kristin , Amanda , Amanda 

Now, because I’m a little crazy and can’t begin a project on week two I decided to play catch up and go ahead and post an image from week one.
Last weeks theme was “newness”

Here’s my baby.
Just before bedtime.
In jammies that both her older sisters wore.
STANDING people.
Just last week she started all on her own. While part of me is so excited at this new skill (you should hear the five of us clap and cheer each time she pushes herself up all on her own) another part of me is so sad…my baby is growing waaaaaaaay too fast 🙁 Before I know it she’ll be running around this place with the rest of ’em.

Short Stop - OMG!! Sara! So, one of my photographer friends – not listed in your list here did this last year (she called hers Project 52) and I think I’m gonna do it. I’m not up for another 365 quite yet, but I thought this was a perfect fit for me! I just have to get myself organized and get Week 1 up.

YAY! I will have LOVE following this on your photography blog.


SnoWhite - I might just have to do this too. Lovely photo, Sara!

Jessica - Looking forward to getting to know you! By the way, Michelle put my email address as my website, so it’s not correct. My blog is

Mindy - I am shocked at how big she is getting!!

Doing something similar myself, Project 366. Posting on facebook daily but on the blog only weekly. I am amazed at how many pictures I’ve captured already. Hope I stick to it!

Take care,

Heather M. - what a cutie! i love that she is clapping in this photo too. i miss that age. sigh…

Andrea - So cute. I miss this age. I really do. My one little guy just turned five. Don’t you just wish you could slow down the growing up?

sylviamyoung - I got to see her stand up today. I can not believe how big and gorgeous she is!!!

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