Linked 52- Week Three

Can I make a confession?
We are simple folk.
True Story.
Every morning without fail the kids and I have this for breakfast….

Ya’hun. You got it. Cheerios all around!
Aren’t we so fancy?!
I had considered going crazy and making some yummy omelettes or homemade pancakes…but sadly, life just got in the way.
And besides, that’s just not us.
This is us.
Real life.
And smiles.

This year I am participating in a year long Photography Challenge. Each week we will link up and share our interpretation of a different theme. Please check out the other lovely ladies playing along 🙂
Jenn , Michelle, Heather, Tracey , Stacey, Andrea, Jessica, Kristin , Amanda , Amanda , Janet, Leslie, Naomi, Rose, Carla, Lena, Rhonda, Tracy

Jenn - Um yup, same thing at our house. 🙂 She’s a little cutie with her cheerios.

Just Rhonda - At my house eli wants cheerios every day. Multiple times a day. Love the collage!!!

Heather M. - oh goodness, these are such cute photos. i just adore that photo of your girl with her half smile and a cheerio in her mouth!

Michelle - To me Cheerios are an absolute breakfast MUST. I’m so glad someone included them. They scream childhood to me. Love these shots!

ZeldaMom - I love Cheerios.
Looks like someone else does too!

Kristin - we go for the honey nut variety!

Tracey - I loved that you stuck to the truth of your breakfast routine! These pictures make me miss my little ones at the highchair grabbing at their Cheerios.

Andrea - Cheerios are the most classic breakfast food! Ever! Makes me want to have a bowl. Such a cute collage of photos. Love it!

Heather - I’m glad you chose to record real life. I crave real life, and instantly love people more when they are being real:) Her little hands gripping those cheerios bring memories and a smile to my face. Love the independence of a baby who can feed themselves. So cute!

Naomi - I love real life. And i LOVE multi grain cheerios. She is so cute!!

Golightly - we LOVE our multi-grain cheerios around here. Too bad we can’t invest in stock…

Stacey - Oh Sara I love this! She is so stinkin’ adorable!

We are simple too. Although my kids really like the chocolate cheerios and the fruity cheerios. (I am that mom 🙂

I'm Veronica - Hi Sara I’m the newest linker coming and a little late for this challenge. Nice to meet you!

Heidi - I’m not a fan of cold cereal, but I LOVE Multi-grain Cheerios. My absolute favorite.

Just joined the project this week to. Should be fun!

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