{McCaleb} Family

We’ve know the McCaleb’s for a few years now, since our boys started kindergarten in the same school….I can hardly believe they are in grade THREE now! Yikes! Where oh where does the time go?!
They are the sweetest family ever and I was so honored to be able to jump into their world for a little bit 🙂
Lucky for me these boys sure came ready to smile. Our time together was super duper easy and relaxed. I can hardly get over how sweet they are to one another. Seriously, I wish you could see how they love.
We took a few family pictures first and then had some fun playing cowboy 🙂 Oh how I adore how they immediately got lost in their own little world just as soon as those hats went on!

Love you guys!

Miranda - You are amazing Sara. Just thought I would remind you of that.


The Nilsen's Journey - Those are awesome Sar!!

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