October- A Month of Light

“There’s a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in” ~Leonard Cohen

At the end of September a beautiful friend of mine (who is also a wonderful photographer) and I were chatting about inspiration. We both felt the need to push ourselves creatively and she suggested doing a little challenge. A month, where everyday we would intentionally look for light.

I feel like for me this project opened my eyes to not only the physical light (which is so, so, SO beautiful- making even ordinary things extra-ordinary as the light/shadows bring out their beauty) but it also opened my eyes to the One True Light. I found that as I sought out light I really found Jesus. He is everywhere and used this month to show me that. Even on hard days. Even when I wanted to crawl back under the covers. His light was there. He is constant. He is beauty, and strength and hope. And He can be trusted.

{Light glorious light
I will go where You shine
Break the dawn , crack the skies
Make the wave right before me
In Your light I will find
All I need, all I need is You}

Oh How I Need You ~ All Sons and Daughters

stacey - These are SO great, Sara!!! I did a similar project this past February and it was so good for me. And the images I took that month are some of my favorite of the year. Way to push yourself and find the light. Beautiful images, Sara.
And I love that song. xo

Wendy - Um Sar, this is beautiful! Both the pictures & the heart behind them. I love your heart friend! I miss you even more! Huge hugs!!

Heather M. - Oh Sara!!!! These are so, so good!!! I love them. I love that you did this with me. So proud of you, friend!

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