october iphoneography

Choosing to remember the little in our October- which really when looking back is the big….
*the fallen leaves
*after school walks in the park
*cherrios everywhere
*him turning NINE
*snowy school pick-up
*sounds of a 4 yr old learning her scales
*three little bakers
*ladybug art
*a snowman made all by herself
*the last time watching our fidget
*snowsuits under costumes
*time as a family
*kids who get along
*lovin’ on my squishy niece
*joy. love. family.

**if you are on instagram, i’d love to follow your family’s little joys too.
come find me on there- my user name is sdhaynes

Heather M. - this is perfect, sara. makes me get tears just reading it. you are amazing. xo

The Nilsen's Journey - Sar, you never cease to amaze me! You are a mom I aspire to be like! Love your sweet family! And love you!!

Denise - i didn’t even know you were somewhat blogging over here! i’ve been missing my doses of sara.

elliot smooching evan= MY FAVORITE!

i am begging michael to move us all to canada.

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