Light in the darkness {Project Hope}

When I decided to do “Project Hope” I knew in my heart that God had a special family for me. As I began praying for them months before I even met them I felt like He was showing me that I would meet a true warrior. And indeed, Jen is the most beautiful warrior I could ever come to know. Spending time with her just makes me want to be better. It makes me feel hope, and joy, and inspires my heart to go deeper in Him.

Jen is a fighter. A light. There is no room for bitterness…. she is too busy being thankful, joyful, hopeful. She speaks of her daughter in a way that I imagine my mom spoke of us. I truly believe that God is using her to show me a picture of His love….

Originally we had planned a different kind of session together, but Jen’s tumor has grown and she is back on an aggressive chemo treatment. So while we will get to that other session soon, we decided to document the journey that she is on with her fourth round of chemo. A way to embrace the whole picture. To celebrate her strength and beauty, in the midst of this hard road.

Last week I drove up to the very same hospital I last saw my mom in 21 years ago. It was emotional and difficult, but God used our time together to bring healing. To show me that beauty can come from the ashes. That through pain He can (and will!) give secret treasures. Treasures of healing. Treasures of  true, real friendships. I spent maybe 15 mins taking these images and the rest of the time I was visiting a friend. We shared our hearts together. My memories of my mom. Her hopes and dreams for her daughter. It was a morning of healing. A way to go a little deeper in the grief of losing my mom, and a way to be there for someone else, walking a similar road to the one our family did many years ago. A place to encourage, love, support.

I believe that God will take what is meant for harm and turn it into something beautiful. He will knit the hearts of two women together one morning during a chemo treatment. He will comfort. He will give strength. He will heal.

When you see these images, my hope is that you will get a glimpse of the amazing strength that Jen posses. My prayer is that you will be touched by her story and inspired to face whatever you are going through with a similar grace, humility and strength that she has.

Please continue to join me in prayer for Jen, Arnel and their sweet Sofia.

Much Love. xo

Linda Rayner - Oh Sarah
You find such beauty in hardship! I have seen the photos you have done of this beautiful young woman before and once again my heart goes out to her. I will be praying for her and her family. Thank you for documenting her journey so beautifully!

Krystal - This is beautiful. Love for both of you.
Ps. Need to know this song!

admin - Thanks Krystal.
The song is called “Called me Higher” by All Sons and Daughters

Heather M. - she is so beautiful. that smile.

and i’m so inspired by your courage and bravery, friend.

praying for both of you. xo

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