Project Hope

For almost 2 year now I have been wanting to do a personal project.
It’s Raw.
And so very close to my heart.

It will stretch and challenge me.
And will bring a new depth of healing to my heart.

I think I am finally at a place where I am ready to take it on….
I’m calling it “Project Hope”


When I was 10 years old we lost my mom to cancer.
My memories of her are scattered.
I remember her sick.
And I remember her healthy.

I remember birthday parties, with her beautifully decorated cakes.
I remember her making hot cross buns at Easter.
I remember her dancing silly with us in the afternoon sunlight.
Her fresh chocolate chip cookies.
Going on long walks together.
Her sewing our Halloween costumes.
My sister and I doing her hair all beautiful (!!) with all our elastics and barrettes 😉
Snuggling in close to her.

I also remember the day she cut off the long hair she loved and replaced it with a shorter do, so that she didn’t have to watch her long hair fall out during treatment.
I remember the wig she wore over that new haircut and how she took it off and surprised us all. And the way she laughed at our shocked faces.
I remember playing many games of shuffle puck in the hospital.
Coloring many get well soon cards and learning origami in the waiting room.
I remember her smile.
Her laugh.
Her touch.

Most of these memories are tucked deep within my heart. And only my hearts eye can see them.
What I would do to have a more tangible way to remember…
To see me cuddled up next to her- regardless of how sick she was.
To see our family together.
A dad. A mom. And their four kids.
Real. Honest. TOGETHER.

My desire is to help document these memories for another family walking a similar journey.

Here’s where you come in.
I need your help finding a sweet family who I can connect with.

I want to take the next year and gift my time & photography.
I want to give them several sessions throughout the year.
(at absolutely no cost to them. they will receive the sessions and disks of images as gifts from me)

I want to document their journey.
The happy days as well as the harder days.
The treatment.
The family.
The realness.

I am looking for a family fighting cancer.
My hope is to help show beauty in all circumstances.
To show that the love they have for each other is and will always be beautiful.
My desire is to be thankful with them- even as they walk through the most difficult time. It’s so important to slow down. Cuddle the ones you love. And be thankful.

This special family would need to be open to being real, and allowing me into some of the most intimate moments of their journey. To be vulnerable and allow me to share these images on my blog/website. Please speak with any family you are considering nominating before you do so. This is such a personal decision and I want to respect them in their journey.

To nominate, please send an email with “Project Hope” in the subject line to telling me about this wonderful family and their journey.
Also, please share this with friends and family to allow for them to nominate someone they know & love too.

I have been earnestly praying for this special family and know that the right one will come my way…
Thank you all so much for taking the time to help connect me with them!



Denise - tears.

your words. your experience. your heart. God’s purpose now. Praying for beauty, for healing that goes deep in your soul, for God to magnify himself on you and on the family he has chosen for you, and for all kinds of God glory.

Anonymous - Ah Sara. I just see healing all over your heart and echo Denise- God’s glory all over this experience! You remind me that it’s most often out of our deepest hurts and experiences The Lord brings ministry. Love you and miss you beyond words! Wend

Heather M. - Sara Haynes, you have such a beautiful heart (and you know how to make me cry 😉 ). This project is just an extension of how He is already using you in such amazing ways. I’ll be praying for the right family and for you, my dear, as you take this on. xoxo

stacey - So beautiful, Sara.

ZeldaMom - Holy cow, what a fabulous idea. How emotional it will be for you and such a gift for the family left behind. I’m so excited for you and the family you find.

Anonymous - This is a wonderful gift. I know that you are they will both be blessed.

PamJ - You are so amazing to pass on your wonderful gift to a family going through what you did as a child. Really hope you find a family to bless like that! So awesome.

PamJ - You are so amazing to pass on your wonderful gift to a family going through what you did as a child. Really hope you find a family to bless like that! So awesome.

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