Summer Sale- Online Class

It’s summer.
We’ve been enjoying camping. Staying up late. Lazy puzzle making. Water balloon fighting. Afternoon matinees.  Splash park playing. Lake swimming. And waaaaaay too many popsicles. Ahh summer, how I love thee.

I am a happy mama.

And tonight I hope to make some of you happy too!

Recently, I’ve had several inquiries about my online class. It seems folks are eager for the next class, which wasn’t scheduled until the fall. But after hearing from many you who are wishing it was now (so that you could capture your family vacations with your “nice/fancy” cameras with more confidence) I’ve decided to go ahead and offer a summer course. Yay! PLUS, I’m throwing in a sweet summer sale. Like, really sweet. Like, more than 60% off sweet. SA-WEET!

Class will start on Thursday August 1st. A new video will be available each Thursday morning. No worries, if you can’t watch it right away- that’s the beauty of the online course. You can work at your own pace!


This online class is for parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles {really anyone & everyone} who has a nice camera and wants to learn how to use it to it’s full potential. We will cover the technical side of photography- how to use all those fancy dials, but also it’s a class that will push your creativity and help you to begin to see the world differently. It will challenge you to think about what your pictures say and help you to move from taking snapshots to really capturing memories!

Each week we will cover a different topic. Students will receive a password to view an online video each week and will have access to these videos for the duration of the course + 4 weeks after the course has ended. Students will also receive a PDF download to have to be able to reference back all that you have learned. After each video is released students may email me any questions they may have on the topic for that week. Often learning comes from the questions someone else may have and I want us all to be encouraged and learn together, so relevant FAQs will be made into a PDF download as well.

Week One: Exposure (aperture, shutter speed, ISO and how to use them all together)

Week Two: Your equipment- camera dials, lens choices- how to decide what you need & when, with a review on exposure.

Week Three: Light & Composition

Week Four: Thinking Creatively (how to take better images, ideas on different projects to train your eye to see differently, practical ways to get authentic expressions from your kids- I have four kids myself and have a few tricks up my sleeve!)

COST- $45

To register please click the “Buy Now” button.
Hope to see you in class!

** I’ve had quite a few inquiries about whether or not you can still join the class, and the answer is absolutely! You are welcome to join the class anytime throughout the month. There will be a new video each week and it’s a work at your own pace kinda class, so if you join a couple of weeks in that’s totally fine. The videos will be up for a month afterwards as well!**

UPDATE- CLASS IS NOW CLOSEDPlease send an email to if you are interested in the next online class and would like to be put on the wait list.

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