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When I last wrote about Jenifer I told you guys about the (potentially life-saving) treatment she is hoping to have (if you haven’t read that you can go back and read it here) and that it is currently not covered by our health care system. I mentioned that she was going to have a fundraiser and promised to share about it when all the details were put together. Today  I am happy to tell you guys about an awesome way that you can tangibly show love and support to this sweet, beautiful lady and her family!

On November 3, 2013 there will be a couple of events going on and ways in which you can help!

First- FASHION FOR A CAUSE GARAGE SALE- 10am to 5pm  at 167 Templegreen Road N.E., Calgary, Alberta

This we be an AWESOME & huge garage sale with all proceeds going towards Jen’s treatment. They are still accepting donations for this- shoes, ties, suits for men, gowns, bags, accessories, dresses, office attire, tops, pants, kids clothing, as well as lotions, make ups, hats, scarf, and perfume that are unused. So, if you want to clean out your closets please let me know and I can get your donations into the right hands 🙂

Second- RAFFLES/ SILENT AND LIVE AUCTION-  6pm-9pm at 167 Templegreen Road N.E., Calgary, Alberta

This is the main event! They are selling two types of tickets:

*Raffle tickets-$5 each and will entitle you to win raffle prizes, this doesn’t require you to go at the main event…. you can buy these tickets and still eligible to win raffle prizes!

*Main event ticket- $25 each and this includes 1 free raffle ticket, food/drinks/live entertainment/ ability to bid at the auction

There are many amazing items up for bid at the action already (including a Photography Session with me!) and they are also still accepting more donations. So, if you have anything you would consider donating- gift cards, services, items please let me know or contact one of the ladies helping Jenifer with this event.

From the bottom of my heart, I can’t thank you enough for your support of this sweet family.

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