The birth of Anjali {Calgary Birth Photographer}

Three weeks ago this sweet little joy was born!
In fact, today is Anjali’s actual due date- she just couldn’t wait to meet her family!


I don’t think I even have the words to describe what that day was like. Having had four of my own and always the one laboring, I have to say that being on the other side of the birth was such an incredible gift. To be able to quietly sit back and document the experience was amazing. Anjali’s birthday will be something that I will always, ALWAYS treasure. I don’t cry alot. I am just not a very emotional person, but when sweet Anjali took her first breath, I couldn’t help but cry like, well, a baby.

Seeing her first breath. Hearing her new cries. Watching the emotion on Jeff and Patsy’s face. Witnessing their instant bond. Seeing their pride. Sharing in their joy.
Such a gift.

And Patsy. Wow.  So amazing. What an incredibly strong, determined and beautiful woman she is. After having had a c-section for her 2nd, she was determined to have this one naturally. On Sunday November 10, 2013 at 4:03pm little Anjali was born at home. And because she was so anxious to arrive (three weeks early!) she ended up being born in their basement. The upstairs renovations (which by the way- are INCREDIBLE) were just not complete in time, but I think it was perfect. It exactly documents where their family was in that moment. It is part of her story.

Jeff & Patsy, thank you again for allowing me to be a small part of this incredible miracle. You will always have such a special part of my heart.

The birth of Anjali | Home Waterbirth in Calgary AB from Sara Haynes Photography on Vimeo.

Tanya Maksymic - This is amazing Sara! What a miracle to witness and you have beautifully captured everything! Awesome!

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