Class Information and Pricing

Kids Photography Class:

Do you have a budding photographer? In these fun kids only classes your child will develop his or her eye to be able to capture the beauty around them. Classroom instruction + Hands on practice each class. Weekly topics will include: Exposure, light, composition, equipment and thinking creatively.

Details: 4 week Course
Next Class: Please email for details on upcoming classes
Time: 1-3pm
Where: Sundance Lake
Limit: 10 Students
Price: $100

Adult Beginner Class at home:

One of the things I love most about being a photographer is being able to share with other moms. Having 4 kids myself, I know how quickly time slips away from us. I know how valuable these images of your kids are as they grow up.

Getting family pictures done by a professional is awesome! It’s important, valuable and necessary to get all of you together. But what about all of those other moments you share together as a family? Birthday parties, sports events and family vacations? What about all the everyday joys you witness in your kids? Maybe you have a fancy camera and are snuggling with the different settings or maybe you want to learn to see more creatively. Whatever the case, I’m so honoured to help you capture your own story better.

In the first half the class we will cover the basic settings of your camera. All of those confusing terms: aperture, ISO, shutter speed and how to use them all together. We will talk about light and how to capture it beautifully, we will talk about what time is best for taking pictures, where in your home you should shoot from. We will cover composition, lenses and a few other technical topics.

The second part of the class will cover how better to capture your own family. Tips on how to get real authentic pictures, ideas on how to engage your kids at any age and most importantly we will go over a few ideas to help you change the way you document your family. This is where you will grow from taking just a snapshot to really capturing the moment.

Details: Home Class – I will bring everything we need for the class and we will have a fun girls night in and learn all together!
Cost: $500 (divide this amongst the women you invite. Up to 10 ladies)
Dates: Flexible
Time: 3 Hours

Adult Intermediate Class:

In this intermediate class we will focus completely on the practical application of all the technical info we covered in the beginner class. You will be shooting outside the entire time, practicing what we learned together. You do not need to attend the first class to be able to register for this one, but you will need to know how to shoot on manual. This class will not go into depth technically, so if you are not comfortable with your settings, please consider registering for the beginner class before registering for this one.

Some things we will cover: Focus, review of Exposure, lighting, getting authentic expression and challenging exercises to get you thinking creatively.

Details: Live models (really cute kids to practice on)
Location: Outdoor – Fish Creek Provincial Park
Time: 2.5 Hours
Cost: $100/person
Limit: 5 Students
Registration: Contact me to put you on the waiting list for the next upcoming class

One-on-One Mentoring:

Do you need a little help on your photography journey? Maybe you have a beautiful fancy camera but you aren’t comfortable with all those settings and buttons? Or maybe you’ve got the exposure down but your pictures always seem to be blurry. Or maybe you just need some help with the creative side of things. Wherever you’re at the sky is the limit with one on one mentoring sessions. These sessions are custom and tailored to what YOU want to learn.

Details: You can purchase as little as one session or as many as you’d like to feel comfortable with your camera.
Location: We can meet in your home, outside to practice or a local coffee shop. Your choice.
Time: 90 min. sessions
Cost: $150/session
Registration: Contact me to request time slots