Wedding Information and Pricing

Wedding Photography:

It’s one of the most beautiful days you’ll ever get in this life. It’s when you will stand up together and promise “I choose you and I will love you forever.” It’s the day you have dreamed of. The day you’ve planned for. It’s the day you become a family.

And it will be perfect, because your love is simply beautiful……

It’s the getting ready, glancing at the clock, wishing for time to speed up.
It’s reading the little love notes you wrote to one another the night before.
It’s the buzz of excitement as your guests start to gather.
It’s the way your flower girl’s curls sway as she bounces down the aisle.
It’s the way he looks at you while you walk down the aisle.
It’s the way she smiles at you while you hold her hand.
It’s the way your parents dry their joyful tears while they watch you promise all your days to one another.
It’s the moment you hear “I now pronounce you….” and you can’t even wait to share your first kiss as one.
It’s the way your best friends whoop and cheer to celebrate your joy!
It’s those same best friends gathering around you to laugh & smile.
It’s the way you look into each other’s eyes, knowing you have found home.
It’s the sun setting behind you as you kiss.
It’s the way your dad waltzes you around the dance floor to the song he chose.
It’s the way your brother looks (and laughs!) as he gives his toast.
It’s the cake, oh yes, that yummy cake.
It’s all these little moments and so many more.

For me, Wedding Photography is like a treasure hunt. And there are a million different treasures to be found. Sure, we’ll get some formal pictures for mom and dad, but the best ones, the ones you’ll love most are all the beautiful moments that weren’t posed or planned. They’re the many expressions of your love.

Your day will unfold with abundant beauty, of that I have no doubt. And I would love to be there to share in it.

“You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams” – Dr. Seuss

Duration: up to 10 hours coverage
Location: Within Calgary city limits. If location is outside Calgary, please inquire as there may be travel charges.
Provided: Engagement session with digital negatives, Wedding day coverage (with second shooter) and edited digital negatives provided.
Price: $2750